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Cisco was founded in San Francisco, California in 1984 and has grown to over 65,000 employees worldwide. Cisco was one of the first companies to sell routers supporting multiple network protocols. Now Cisco offers a constantly expanding product portfolio including, routers, switches, security and VPN appliances, Unified Communication systems, and many more. Cisco recently acquired Linksys and is making a strong effort to develop and market products that are designed for the SMB market.


Microsoft is a worldwide leader in operating systems and productivity software. With recent releases of Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and now Windows 7 Microsoft has a continued to develop and market operating systems that allow users to interface with computers more easily and effectively. Microsoft’s Business Division also develops a great deal of productivity software including Office suites, SQL Server, Exchange, Server, SharePoint Server, and many others that have proved successful over the years.


Dell, headquartered out of Round Rock, Texas employees over 75,000 people worldwide. Dell offers a wide variety of consumer products as well as enterprise product lines as well. As of 2008 Dell held second place behind HP in computer sales. The company sells personal computers, servers, storage devices, networking switches, software and peripherals.


HP is the largest world's largest technology company, and operates in almost every country. HP offers products for consumers and businesses; and specializes in computing, storage, networking, software, and services. . In 2007 HP's reported revenue was $104 billion, this was a very important milestone as HP was the first IT company to report revenues of over $100 billion. HP sells more personal computers worldwide than any other company, and is the 5th largest software company in the world.


SonicWall is a company that designs and develops a wide variety of proprietary network appliances including network security, content security, and business continuity. Their products include firewall, unified threat management devices, VPN (Virtual Private Network), email filtering, as well as additional software and value-added subscription services. SonicWall markets their products to SMB and enterprise customers and has a wide range of devices to accommodate any size network.


Lenovo is a multinational technology corporation that manufactures desktop and notebook personal computers, as well as workstations, servers, and storage devices. In 2005 Lenovo acquired the former IBM PC Computer Division, and as a result acquired the ThinkPad line of notebook PC’s. Lenovo is the largest seller of PC’s in China and the fourth largest in the world.

MX Logic

MX Logic represents the successes of the cloud model for service delivery. MX Logic was just acquired by McAfee due to their successes in the email defense, message archiving, and web defense services. Each of these services are offered in the cloud without the need for businesses to support these services internally. MX Logic offers message continuity and fail safe service that allow businesses to stay up and connected even in the event of a mail server failure of unplanned downtime.