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Managed Services

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Your Information MVP!

With Adaptive Networks’ Disaster Recovery solution, your data and applications are continuously replicated off-site to a secure cloud solution, ensuring you can recover and restore your important applications quickly and from the exact point in time that your system experienced a failure. This powerful tool lowers your operational expenses while satisfying audit and compliance requirements.

Some considerations when designing a backup plan:

- How long can my business afford to be down if disaster strikes?

- How frequent do recovery points need to be (daily, hourly or minute by minute)?

- What kind of retention is required for regulatory compliance?

- Can my data be restored correctly with my current system?

- Have we ever tested our backup?

- Where is my data if a regional disaster strikes?

By utilizing Adaptive Networks our consultants can evaluate your current backup strategy and see if it truly meets your needs to adequately protect your data.

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